Crawlspace Dehumidifier Plug-In Relay Kit

The Dehumidifier Plug-In Relay Kit can only be used in conjunction with the ATMOX SMART or ATMOX FLEX System.


The Dehumidifier Relay Kit allows the ATMOX Controls to control the operation of an optional dehumidifier.  The dehumidifier would then be used as a secondary drying source and operate when the ATMOX Controls calculate its need.  The dehumidifier will no longer operate independently of the entire ATMOX System.  This Kit connects to the ATMOX Controls via low voltage cable to receive its signals.  The Kit needs its own electrical outlet to power the dehumidfier.  All required cable and plugs are supplied with the Dehumidifer Relay Kit.

AC Conversion Kit
This same kit can also be used with any of the ATMOX Control Sets to receive the signal from the control box to an AC-powered device or fan.
Spec Sheet  


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