ATMOX Attic Fans

The ATMOX goal on fan placement is to create a total ventilation solution for the attic. For heat reduction, this generally means creating a bottom to top airflow pattern.  Creating a proper airflow throughout the attic is particularly important with regard to moisture control in the attic. Leaving one area without proper airflow can still create undesirable consequences to the attic in that area.  


All ATMOX fans are assembled in the USA. 

Low Voltage 12VDC Fans
  • When the ATMOX DC-Powered Fans are being used in conjunction with the ATMOX Controls and corresponding low voltage Power Supply, the fans will receive power through the use of a low voltage cable and use snap splices provided to attach to cable.
  • The ATMOX Fans can be used in any combination and configuration.  Watts used by total fans will determine which power supply is needed.  If 150 Watts is exceeded, then an optional Booster Supply can be incorporated.
  • Each style of fan is best used in a different application depending on attic layout.   

If the ATMOX DC-Powered Fans are being used without the ATMOX Controls or ATMOX Power Supply, they can be used in a standard electrical outlet through the use of an AC Adapter, which can be supplied with the fan from ATMOX.

Overview of Attic Fans
ATMOX Fan - Power Options
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