ATMOX Attic Accessories
The ATMOX Control Sets and Fans are set up to come with necessary components to be operational with the exception of low voltage cable that must be purchased separately.   All other accessories are optional and can be used in a variety of ways, with or without ATMOX Controls.
Power Accessories
 03-200-100  Low Voltage Installation Wire (100ft)
   (Wire required for ATMOX Systems)
 03-800-150  150W 12V DC Power Supply
 03-800-220  150W 12V DC Booster Power Supply
 01-175-012  12V AC Adapter - 1000mA 
 01-175-022  12V AC Adapter - 2500mA


For use of AC-Powered Fans in conjunction with ATMOX Controls:


02-175-100  AC Conversion Kit 
Piping, Grills and Covers
 09-100-800  8in Flex Non-insulated Pipe (25ft)
 01-380-700  Soffit Vent Aluminum 
 01-380-750  Soffit Vent MaxFlo White
 01-380-800  Protective Grill 7.25" for Multi-Mount Fan
 09-111219  Galvanized Hood w/ Screen (6")
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