Internal Crawlspace Fans for Closed / Encapsulated Crawlspace

ATMOX is one of the only manufacturers of joist-mounted crawlspace fans designed to better circulate air within the crawlspace.  ATMOX has three different joist-mounted fans to choose from based on need and setup.


Adds internal air circulation with dehumidifier use

Typically, only one dehumidifier is used in a closed crawlspace.  When the crawlspace is larger, a larger capacity dehumidifier will be used.  There is generally nothing wrong with this concept, but it can be less than efficient as what often happens is that you can get an overdrying of the wood around the location of the dehumidifier and some corners or areas of the crawlspace may not benefit from the drying of the dehumidifier if the dry air is not getting to it.  The internal joist-mounted fans are set up to run continuously to circulate air or when the dehumidifier is active.  These fans then help to bring humid air from all areas of the crawlspace to the dehumidifier and spread out the dry air exhausted from the dehumidifier.  This allows for a much more effective use of the dehumidifier.

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