Attic Fans on Thermostat Information

The ATMOX ATTIC Controls will give the most versatility in managing the moisture and the heat in the attic.  For solving a moisture concern in the attic, the ATMOX ATTIC Controls will need to be incorporated with the ATMOX fans. 

If heat reduction is only goal, then the ATMOX ATTIC fans can be used in conjunction with a thermostat only control to trigger fans to run in high temperatures in the attic. This will not provide the full run parameters that the ATMOX ATTIC Controls will have, but it will allow fans to operate in high temperature settings.

Dissipates heat in the attic

With a temperature trigger, the ATMOX ATTIC Fans will run once the attic temperature goes above a preset level to bring in outside air to cool the attic when needed in warm summer weather.   The fans will continue to run as long as the temperature in the attic is above the preset level.

Uses low voltage DC-powered fans

The ATMOX ATTIC Fans will connect to the ATMOX Power Supply with 12VDC low voltage cable (like landscape lighting wire) allowing for fans to be placed in multiple locations without the need for traditional electrical wiring to be placed at each fan location.  The ATMOX Fans are designed to clamp directly onto the low voltage cable.  The low voltage cable plugs directly into the power supply making for a very easy install.  (The ATMOX ATTIC Fans can be supplied with an AC-Adapter to use the Attic Fans in a standard electrical outlet directly.)

Powers fans from one outlet

The ATMOX Power Supply plugs into one standard electrical outlet.  All fans (up to 150W) receive power from this one outlet.  If additional fans are needed for very large attics, a booster power supply can be used. (This would require an additional outlet.)  The Power Supply would be set on the thermostat setting to trigger the power supply to come on and off as needed.

Creates balanced air flow in entire attic

ATMOX is designed to use multiple fans in different locations – not just one large attic fan.  ATMOX fans come in a wide variety of types for different attic configurations.  Depending on the setup, ATMOX uses not only exhaust fans but also intake fan and dead area fans to circulate the air in the entire attic. 

Runs very energy efficiently

The ATMOX ATTIC System can run up to eight of the ATMOX ATTIC 225cfm fans on less than 150W of power.  This is about the equivalent of running two average light bulbs.  The entire system uses very little electricity to operate.

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